TPAM error while file upload

Hi, we use an upload option in TPAM 2.5 applianse to transfer files on remote windows server.

While try to upload file we see next error:


It seems, file cannot be upload on TPAM. The Upload\download count section (where upload errors are logging) is empty.

What can be a reason of this message?

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  • Hello,

    Here are a few suggestions to help troubleshoot.

    1. Please ensure the account / credentials you are using for the upload have Read/Write Sharing permissions on the destination folder.

    2. If a large file fails to transfer, try testing with a very small file to see if that is successful.

    3. Make sure all of the details for the Managed System are correct in TPAM. Try specifying the Network Address as an IP address instead of the DNS name.

    If you still have trouble, submit a service request to Support for more assistance.
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