TPAM PPM Password


I need to know when i generate account password through TPAM PPM is it possible I can send the generated password to requester via email.



  • Hello,

    No. There is no feature in TPAM that will allow you to send passwords directly via email.

    You would need to request the password and then copy and paste it into an email yourself to achieve this.

    However, I would also add that it is not recommended to ever send passwords through email, as this is not secure. 

    The best thing to do in terms of security would be to grant this user the ability to request the password themselves and they can request it directly.

  • Hi Younis

    This is not something that is supported on TPAM.

    I would also suggest it is a high risk strategy as your privileged password would be in the clear in the email so additional process and security would be needed to protect the password.

    You could probably implement your own password retrieval and then send out via email using the cli or api functions but this again would bring its own set of security challenges.

    A script or app could take a TPAM users credentials as variable, pass these through via cli/api calls and then retrieve a password. You could then script/code these to be sent via email.

    You would however need to make sure the person using the script/app was the person you authorised to do so. This could present a further set of challenges.

    You have not really given us much idea of the drivers behind your request and the quantity of passwords you are looking to email.

    If a small number then maybe a manual process where an administrator retrieves a password and emails it (if it must be emailed) it the way to go.

    All the best