Can i configure the same AD for two different pairs of TPAM?

I have two pair of TPAM, both working in an active-stanby setup, lets call them TPAM A and TPAM B. TPAM A is configured for both PSM and PPM. TPAM B is configured only for PSM and i want to configure PPM as well.

But i have only one AD server to authenticate the user. Can the same user be able to generate passwords from both the TPAMs? What issues may occur?

Also, can the user connect to same servers simultaneously from both the TPAMs?

  • Hi Praveen

    There is no issue with configuring the same AD as an authentication source for the users for both of your TPAM clusters.

    Your problem will come if you configure your TPAM clusters for PPM and you manage the same accounts from both clusters. You will never know which has the most recent password.

    You would have to be VERY VERY careful to make sure that one cluster only managed one password to avoid this.

    If you are looking to have the same accounts available on both clusters then you could look at using the A cluster as the master password repository and the having the B cluster retrieve passwords from it by configuring TPAM CLI ID Management.

    There are probably other options but without more details of your environment of requirements difficult to comment at this stage.

    As to a user connecting to the same server simultaneously this would depend on the configuration of your target server and not the TPAM configuration.