Load Balancer setup for TPAM


we have 3 TPAM Appliances. One is working as primary and other two working as active replicas.

Please let us know if we can setup a network load balancer (VIP) for these 3 appliances so that When we hit the VIP URL it should redirect the requests to all 3 appliances.

Please share your thoughts on this. Thank you. 

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  • Yes. setting up an external load balancer is possible. I have customer who have used Altieon and F5 to do this.

    While One Identity do not provide or support any configurations non of the engineers have had an issue configuring the load balancer to provide the virtual IP and have it direct traffic to the appropriate appliance.

    The load balancer needs to use the TPAM status page to work out which appliance is up and what its operational status is.

    https://ipaddress or FQDN of appliance you wish to check/status 

    This returns a basic test page that you can then build into you load balancer configuration to provide the functionality you need. Here are examples from a primary and replica.


    Appliance Name:  TPAMCONSOLE_Primary

    Cluster Role:          Primary

    Run Level:               Operational

    Replication Status:              Replicating

    State:          Healthy

    Last Update:           Fri Jan  3 09:38:00 2014



    Appliance Name:  TPAMCONSOLE_Replica

    Cluster Role:          Replica

    Run Level:               Operational

    Replication Status:              Standby

    State:          Healthy

    Last Update:           Fri Jan  3 08:42:00 2014

    You can build your load balance filter rules around the information provided by the status page. I the simplest case if you do not get a response form the primary directing traffic to one of the other appliances. Or building a more complex filter that can look for no response from the primary and changes to the operational status of replica to make decisions as to where to send the traffic.

    Remember also that TPAM will not respond to a Ping and cannot be configured to do so. 

    If you work out what you would like the load balancer to do then you can talk to the team who look after the configuration and show them the above I am sure that they will be able to help you achieve the results you are after.