Unix Access Management

Legacy app on AIX needing to do a getpwnam call

Here is the info I was given from Quest/Dell technical support...

You will need to run this first:

/opt/quest/bin/vastool configure pam sys-auth

 [0] [sellswor@vasdev-aix61] [~/pamAuth]

$ wget https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=ftp-3A__ftp.vintela.com_vas_support_pamAuth.tar.gz&d=CwICaQ&c=WUZzGzAb7_N4DvMsVhUlFrsw4WYzLoMP5bgx2U7ydPE&r=_C2GnzWgNljIdG5FaVHJX68Wo5_A9dKJ5Hvx7iu1BbE&m=zMLedkL5VqCcEZgDp1nH0zidQqh9OgPZ4J__iTxZEPY&s=8zNqrL55h13Zq3J1kUEVu40yNZOWemNg9yqChTP7cIM&e=


2016-04-12 14:07:30 (98.3 MB/s) - 'pamAuth.tar.gz' saved [1958]


[0] [sellswor@vasdev-aix61] [~/pamAuth]

$ tar xvzf pamAuth.tar.gz



[0] [sellswor@vasdev-aix61] [~/pamAuth]

$ make

gcc -g -DAIX -o pamAuth pamAuth.c -lpam

[0] [sellswor@vasdev-aix61] [~/pamAuth]

$ ls

Makefile pamAuth pamAuth.c pamAuth.tar.gz [0] [sellswor@vasdev-aix61] [~/pamAuth] $ ./pamAuth

Usage: ./pamAuth <name> <password>.

[1] [sellswor@vasdev-aix61] [~/pamAuth]

$ ./pamAuth tu-6-1 Test1234

PAM_AUTH_SUCCES ( Good authentication )

[0] [sellswor@vasdev-aix61] [~/pamAuth]


It defaults to sys-auth as the name, they can call it whatever they want, just need corresponding pam.conf entries.


The developer has done this but can not get things to work.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.




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