Six months after its Quest acquisition, erwin has announced new releases for erwin Data Modeler and erwin Data Intelligence software customers. When integrated, these solutions provide a closed loop for metadata management, and automate both processes and workflows to improve time to value for key digital transformation initiatives, such as cloud migration, optimize regulatory and risk compliance efforts, and increase data literacy. erwin Data Modeler and erwin Data Intelligence are part of the Information and Systems Management (ISM) business and its Quest Data Empowerment Platform, best-of-breed solutions for data operations, data protection and data governance to guide operational and strategic decision-making. 

erwin Data Modeler 2021 R1, generally available as of May, supports relational, NoSQL and Data Vault 2.0 modeling techniques within the same instance, enabling modelers to work across a myriad of traditional and emerging DBMS platforms. Roundtrip engineering and guided denormalization, which produces query-optimized models, accelerate the migration and transformation of database schema between relational and document designs. With growing data architecture complexity, increasing modernization efforts, and greater demand for data literacy, new generations of data modelers – inside and outside IT – will benefit from being able to use a single, holistic enterprise data modeling and database design tool. 

erwin Data Modeler 2021 R1 includes:  

  • Native support for Couchbase, MongoDB and Cassandra NoSQL data modeling, with support for JSON and AVRO file formats
  • Data Vault 2.0 data modeling      
  • Updated support and certifications for the latest versions of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure SQL and Microsoft SQL Synapse
  • JDBC connectivity for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure SQL, Snowflake, Couchbase, Cassandra and MongoDB
  • New object browser to see all table, views and materialized views in one place, along with indexes and relationships
  • API support for model comparison and synchronization for reporting and collaboration 
  • Increased load speed for large models 

With erwin Data Intelligence 11, planned for general availability in early July, IT and data governance teams can expand their data landscape visibility with new dashboards and speed data discovery with new automation capabilities capabilities. Built on a flexible metamodel with deep metadata-driven automation, the software shines a light on available data, adds context for understanding and guardrails for protection, and then enables it to be socialized widely within the business to create more strategic and tactical value. Enterprises can establish a comprehensive yet flexible data governance framework automated to meet their unique requirements and fuel data intelligence for insights that mitigate risks as well as drive desired outcomes. 

erwin Data Intelligence 11 will include:  

  • A data catalog dashboard for a holistic view of the data landscape to ease management and enhance understanding of data   
  • A data literacy dashboard to easily view and drill into key data stewardship statistics and actions to guide data governance 
  • Enhanced mind map capabilities for viewing multiple business assets and associated relationships simultaneously 
  • Enterprise tagging of business assets to speed discovery and aid analysis and automation 
  • AI optimization to expand and increase accuracy of data asset discovery 
  • Performance, search and usability enhancements to simplify and speed daily workflows 
  • Ability to use an organization’s language of choice when defining technical and business metadata with SQL Server version of erwin Data Intelligence  

These What's New videos can help you quickly get up to speed with both releases and can also be shared with customers and prospective customers:

What's New in erwin Data Modeler 2021 R1 video

What's New in erwin Data Intelligence 11 video

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