In case you missed it —

Here are three main takeaways from our Q1 FY22 Global Partner Webinar:

  1. Compared to Q1 of last year, channel-sourced deals are up 35% and pipeline creation is up 26%.
  2. Most of the growth is in Quest products and solutions in the area of cyber resilience.
  3. Our recent acquisitions are aimed at positioning Quest as a leader in migration. Look for full integration of those partner programs by early summer 2021.

You can still play the webinar (40 minutes) for more details, and I’ll summarize in this post everything we covered.

State of the business

Todd Werner is our VP of channels. He kicked off the webinar, as he always does, with a look at the state of the business.

We’ve managed and weathered a lot of change over the past year with our partners due to the pandemic. Much of our work has been around enabling the remote workforce and helping companies move to the cloud. Our pipeline creation with you in Q1 is up 26% over last year. Although we’re not yet completely out of the COVID-19 woods, we believe that momentum will persist beyond this year.

Over time, we’ve structured our front- and back-end incentives to encourage sourced business and give you the best possible chance of profitability with Quest. In Q1 we saw a 35% year-on­-year increase in sourced business, which are partner-led opportunities with approved deal registration.

We continue our investments in both solution providers, who represent a large share of our channel business, and service providers, who are showing dramatic growth in sales volume. For example, managed service provider pipeline volume is up 104% and system integrator pipeline is up 133%. As we continue to launch more solutions, like new cloud/SaaS offerings with One Identity, be sure to take full advantage of all the sales materials in our Partner Circle portal

Much of last year’s volume in bookings came from remote workforce enablement. While that continues, customers are also dealing with data breaches, Azure attacks and identity management, so they are turning to us for cyber resilience solutions. With One Identity, that means identity governance and privileged access management; with Quest, it means managing users from Azure to endpoints. At our Unite Conference later this year we plan to emphasize the trend toward cyber resilience.

Channel updates

  • Service provider program improvements — We’re enhancing these programs in response to all the growth we’re seeing in volume from service provider partners, distributors, consultants and SIs. We’re running pilots with managed service operations that will make it easier to do business with Quest and One Identity. You’ll soon see programs around our recently acquired products from Erwin, Quadrotech and Binary Tree. We’re taking the most successful parts of what they’ve already done and integrating them to our partner programs.
  • Standardized processes We want our internal business processes to fit smoothly with the way we work with you, so we’re integrating our ordering processes for managed services to Salesforce. Our focus is on sourced business and on helping you become more successful in bringing new customers and projects to us. Post-sales delivery is a big part of your success with our products, so we’re working with our professional services organization to improve post-sales certification enablement.
  • Channel as a foundation — We’ve started updating our rules of engagement to improve collaboration between you and our internal sales organization. Because channel is the biggest engine for growth for us, we’re working to ensure that Sales interacts with more channel partners.

Acquisitions — You want more products to sell, don’t you?

Next, James Anderson described the process of integrating the partner programs of our recently acquired companies. Those include

  • Quadrotech – Office 365 migration and management
  • Binary Tree – Enterprise-scale transformation with Microsoft platforms
  • erwin – Modeling and data intelligence

We’ve completed the integration of partner programs for Quadrotech and Binary Tree and starting offering product FAQs and data sheets on their products in the Partner Circle portal.

Our goal is to position Quest as the industry leader in migration tools. We’re bundling products because we want customers to focus on the goal of migration without having to worry about how the pieces go together. You’ll soon see sales enablement materials on migration bundles for Binary Tree and our Microsoft Platform Management solutions. Also coming are bundles for Quadrotech: for On Demand License Management, On Demand Group Management, the Nova reporting module and the Nova delegation policy control module.

Here’s our roadmap for integrating erwin:

  • Q1 – Business as usual. We’ve invited all erwin partners to register in the Partner Circle portal for access right now.
  • Week of May 1 - We plan to release FAQs on integration of erwin programs with details like timelines and tier status transition.
  • May 26 – We’ll conduct an erwin partner welcome webinar to share the timeline and details of integration and walk through the program, including rebates and channel training.
  • Week of June 7 – All erwin partner systems and programs will be integrated by early June. We’ll deprecate the old erwin partner portal, start making partner content available from the Partner Circle portal and kick off a new process for deal registration and certification.

As we bring the programs together, we’ll communicate and maintain your tier status as much as possible. Rebate incentive programs will stay as they are until the end of H1 FY22.

Note that erwin partners will enjoy the same or better status after integration. At Quest and One Identity, we always integrate existing partners at the same level. Or, if your level combined with what you have done with Quest in the past (revenue, competence, services) justifies it, then we’ll promote you upon integration.

In August, we conduct audits and send partners any needed reminders about maintaining their levels. That will apply to pre-existing partners, not the ones onboarded during our recent integrations.

Partner programs — Don’t leave money on the table!

Finally, Mylène Legresley, our manager of global channel marketing and programs, called out four recent developments.

1. Sign your rebate terms. Now.

In Q4 of last year, partners lost out on US$100,000 in rebates because they didn’t sign terms. We send multiple reminders about this because getting this money into your hands is how we thank you for your business.

This year we have rebate terms for H1 and we’ll have them again for H2. H1 rebate terms are ready for you (or your account administrator) to sign right now. You can access your terms from the News & Alerts link in the Partner Circle portal. You must sign terms before the end of the quarter to be eligible for your rebate.

2. Quest Sales Kickoff (SKO) sessions available now

We’ve taken a lot of the content from our virtual SKO a few months ago and made it available to partners. You can access sales training, product information and go-to-market material in the Partner Circle portal. It’s your chance to use the same content that our sales teams saw at SKO.

3. New partner Campaigns-in-a-Box

Our Campaigns-in-a-Box contain everything you need to create demand-gen activities around Quest products. They include email templates, social media posts, content (webinars, videos, whitepapers), partner training and battlecards.

This quarter we’ve added Campaigns-in-a-Box for One Identity Zero Trust and KACE Unified Endpoint Manager. Whether your marketing function is simple or sophisticated, you’ll find assets you can use to help you sell more.

4. Quest Partner Program gets three 5-star ratings

This year we were honored to receive three separate awards from CRN for Quest, One Identity and erwin partner programs. Your suggestions, your survey responses and your engagement with our sales and marketing teams have helped us improve those programs over the years.

Todd Werner received the Channel Chiefs Award for our Quest Software program and Andrew Clarke received it for our One Identity program.

The awards are important recognition that our programs offer a lot of value and are easy to do business with. Thanks — we couldn’t do it without you.

What’s next?

Top of mind is finishing Q1 as strongly as possible. Let us know what you need from us to close business as the quarter ends. We’ll do anything we can to support you.

Meanwhile, here are some final to-dos:

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