Available from ChangeBASE version 6.2

Export-CBCSVWebIssues allows you to export your web issues to a CSV file.  It is possible to do this for all, or a subsection of you portfolio.

In it's simplest form you can pass in the location you wish to export the file to and the command will export the web issues of your entire portfolio to a nominated location.  Note that the location must be visible to the ChangeBASE service, normally this would be a UNC path.

Export-CBCSVWEBIssues -OutputFilename "\\server\mysharedlocation\webissues.csv"

You can also filter the export results by passing in a filtered collection of package objects.  You can achieve this by piping in the results of the Get-CBPackages command.

Get-CBPackages | Where-Object Name -eq "packagename" | Export-CBCSVWEBIssues-OutputFilename"\\server\mysharedlocation\webissues.csv"

It is also possible to create a csv export for each web application in your portfolio by setting the -SeparateFilePerPackage flag.

Export-CBCSVWEBIssues-OutputFilename \\server\mysharedlocation\webissues.csv -SeparateFilePerPackage