Linking ChangeBASE with Asset Manager

Using the External Link feature within ChangeBASE it is possible to link with data stored within Asset Manager.

Go to the External tab in ChangeBASE and create a new Link.

Set up the Data Source to point to the unencrypted Asset Manager database in SQL Server.

Move to the Query tab and paste in the following SQL Query:

SELECT vss.KeyField, vss.SoftwareStringID, vss.SoftwareString, vss.Manufacturer, vss.Hidden, vss.WorkstationCount, 
    vss.UserCount, vss.Used, vss.HitCount, vss.[Version], vss.WorkstationCreateType, vss.FirstRegDate, vss.ProductLanguage, 
    svs.SoftwareVersionID, ct.DisplayName AS Compatibility, sv.Price, sv.PriceCurrencyCode, svf.Title AS ProductFamily
FROM vwSoftwareString vss 
    LEFT JOIN softwareversionstring svs ON svs.SoftwareVersionStringID = vss.SoftwareStringID 
    LEFT JOIN softwareversiON sv ON sv.SoftwareVersionID = svs.SoftwareVersionID 
    LEFT JOIN CompatibilityType ct ON ct.CompatibilityTypeID = sv.CompatibilityTypeID 
    LEFT JOIN SoftwareVersionSoftwareVersionFamily svsvf ON svsvf.SoftwareVersionID = sv.SoftwareVersionID 
    LEFT JOIN SoftwareVersionFamily svf ON svf.SoftwareVersionFamilyID = svsvf.SoftwareVersionFamilyID

Next, go to the Fields tab. You may need to click Refresh to read in the list of fields the SQL query returns. If the 'KeyField' column does not show up as the second column (the 'Status' column being the first) then it is likely that you haven't applied the most recent Windows Updates.

Tick all of the columns you wish to display within ChangeBASE.

You will now need to go to the Matching tab and add the columns you wish to use for matching records within ChangeBASE and the Asset Manager database. A suggestion would be to use the fields below. Once this is complete tick the Enable checkbox. Save the new Link and click the Link button.

ChangeBASE Field Name External Field
ProductName SoftwareString
Manufacturer Manufacturer
ProductVersion Version