How to clone a dashboard and reuse for other SQL Server instances

I have created a standard dashboard for one instance that we want business users to be able to view. Now we want to clone this dashboard for other instances use. As we have over 70 instances, it would be a headache if we have to create the same dashboard again and again for all instances.

Any way we can clone the same dashboard and reuse it for other instances with minor connection changes?



  • I would start, in your situation, with, since it makes it easy to create a custom cartridge which is version controlled and can be moved quickly to a lot of other instances.

  • If you are trying to avoid having to recreate the dashboard for multiple instances, your best bet is to “parameterize” the dashboard rather than worry about “cloning” it each time. If your use case requires separate dashboards, this will not work, but if you’d rather have a single dashboard, which lets you select an instance and have the dashboard reflect metrics for that instance, a parameterized dashboard may be a better fit.

    You may have to build your initial dashboard from scratch, but building one new parameterized dashboard should be much easier than cloning and modifying 70 instance specific dashboards.

    Here is a video on creating parameterized drag and drop reports (the method for dashboards is nearly identical).

    If you’d like more assistance on this, please let me know.

  • Also, since you mention "Instances", I'm guessing this may be a database focused dashboard.  If that's the case, the following video may be more relevant as it shows the creation of a parameterized dashboard including database metric data.

    How to Track SQL Server Database Growth with Foglight

  • The link to the video for DBSS growth has changed on Dell Support site but can still be found on Youtube: (Please visit the site to view this video)