how to change subject and message body of a foglight email alert?


I would like to change the subject and message body of the foglight email alert that gets triggered based on various alarms. We are running Foglight 5.6.4. Can someone please direct me to a documentation or suggest the way?



  • Hi Murali,

    I work for Dell Software, and would be happy to help you with this.  It might be easier if we talk through this offline - I have some questions about the specific alarm(s) you wish to change email subjects and messages for.  Depending on your answer, I can point you to some helpful information or step you through it.

    Please contact me offline at and we can share information there - then we can post the resolution back here.

    Thank you,

    Tim Fritz

    Dell Software Foglight Solution Architect

  • Thank you Tim for offering help on this. 

    I just sent email with detailed screenshot and the email attachment on how we are currently receiving email alert now.

    Also, Do you have a cartridge for integrating HP Service Manager with Foglight?

  • I got this working with the help of Tim. Thanks a lot Tim.

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    This is a completely worthless answer.
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    Colleen, appears you may have the same question. Can you comment on which cartridge you are looking for help on? The process of configuring e-mails in Foglight is a bit different depending on which platforms you are monitoring.