Creating a Custom Database Report

I have a question that revolves around creating customized reports.  I have read through the documentation extensively and still haven’t found an answer.  But is there a way to create a customized report showing (combining) multiple SQL Server instances (N number) in just one report?  What I am looking for a is a Monthly Performance report that just incudes only basic resources (CPU, Memory, I/O, Network Speed, and database growth for a N number of instances –preferably in a bar graph format).  Detail would show the results on a daily basis that is rolled up to each month.  I would like to choose the instances and they might change month to month.  The templates have not provided what I am looking for (i.e. - Enterprise SQL Server Performance Report).  And so far I haven’t found a way to do this.  I see that there is a way to “query” the data but this also requires a single instance even though it is asking to create a “list”.  So I’m not sure if this can done.  Any assistance is greatly be appreciated!

  • Hey Stephen,

    Best place to start would be to view the webcast below as it goes over how to create a variety of custom dashboards/reports, including an example where multiple instances are included. Essentially you "drag" over all instances (the "Instances" folder) into your dashboard and choose the metric that you want included. You can order, sort, or dynamically filter the view to include however many instances you wish.

    If you still have questions after viewing the webcast, please feel free to post and I should be able to point you in the right direction.
  • Hello Stephan,

    Take a look into the Expansion pack, Hope it might help with your requirement.


    Sriram S