Foglight for sql server ports

Hello all,

I want to monitor with Foglight SQL Server with PI.

Which port i should open from the FGLAM server to my SQL Server?
I want to monitor the SQL Server and also the OS (Windows server 2012)

Can you please advise?


Many thanks! 

  • Hello Netanel,

    please look at this document. You will find a architecture overiew where the ports are listed.

    Also this overview should be helpful - it is from this solution:

    I hope that helps.



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    Hello Nicola,
    If i want to open ports from my FGLAM to the monitored OS
    I should open only: 135, 5985 and 5986 ?
  • In reply to Netanel:

    Hi Netanel,

    best is to use WinRM and then you need to open either 5985 (http) or 5986 (https) to the monitored server. Here the link to the WinRM setup.

    If you want to use a domain user to do the collection, you should configure https / negotiate authentication, if you use a local user on the machine itself, you need to configure http / basic authentication.

    Does that answer your question?



  • Hi Netanel,

    I'm following on this thread with some additional information.

    There are two types of OS connection options to monitor a Windows operating system from the Foglight Agent Manager (FglAM).

    • WMI  (Windows Management Instrumentation): This uses port 135 for RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) and typically a range of ports management by Windows DCOM to connect to the host.
      I have recently updated Knowledge Article 114559 to detail how to set a static (fixed) WMI port in Windows.
    • WinRM (Windows Remove Management): this is a more firewall-friendly protocol that uses a default port 5985 for HTTP, and port 5986 for HTTPS (in WinRM 2.0).
      To use WinRM however, it first must be enabled on each host. This can be done using some Windows commands directly on the host or using a GPO (Global Policy Object).
      Some basic WinRM host configuration steps can be found in Knowledge Article 238657. More detailed information about WinRM configuration (including using a HTTPS secure connection) is included in the Foglight Agent Manager user guide that is available for download from in the Technical documentation area.

    Our recommendation is to use WinRM in Foglight environments instead of WMI because it is a secure, remote connection that is made over a single port, and does not encounter issues often associated with DCOM and RPC connections. As well, internally testing has found that a single FglAM can handle up to 75 agents using WMI.

    If you are monitoring more than 75 agents running on a Windows System (FglAM), the monitored hosts should be configured to use WinRM.