Create an alert when a windows service restarts

 I would like to create an alert when a windows service restarts by itself. Does the OOB OS-Cartridge provide this kind of alerting functionality?




  • Hi Roshan,

    Please check out of box rule "Host Service Restart" and it will crate both alarm @UI and send out email.
    Please note this rule maybe disabled on your FMS and email it send is SYSADMIN variable

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks Lee. The rule description says "This rule provides an email if an agent tries to restart a monitored service". Does it mean it will generate an alert if the IC agent is configured to restart a stopped service?
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    Just some additional info.... The Rule that Lee mentioned is from Infrastructure cartridge (IC) and not the Legacy OS cartridge. So pls make sure you have IC cart installed.

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    Hi Roshan,

    you are right. The rule checks if a service is stopped and if it is configured in ASPs to be restarted. If both conditions are true, then it sends an email to SYSADMIN.

  • Hi Roshan,

    As Hurshid suggested, it's a three step process and with it you can receive alarms provided you have all the needed things.
    1. Agent for the host and the services to monitor are configured with setting option 'Restart Service' checked.
    2. Host Services Restart rule enabled.
    3. SYSADMIN is configured with the desired email addresses to receive the email notifications.

    I am also attaching the picture for easy reference.

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    I don't see any attached pictures for this answer.
  • Does anyone have screenshots or perhaps a step-by-step guide on how to do this? A lot of these answers are very vague and not very detailed.

    Thank you for your time.
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    I've attached a PDF with screenshots for Arun's previous answer.

    Create an alert when a windows service restarts.pdf