Question on hit filters and metrics to monitor login users in a specific state


I am having a little trouble getting my head around this task with the FxV and FMS and  I am sure its a simple task.

I am trying to dynamically monitor how many users are in the "login process" on our portal.  Thus I want to know at any point in time how many users are in the login process at that moment.

Our login process is like  A -> B -> C -> D -> E  -> F , one step per login page.

I am only interested in the number of current users who are anywhere in the stages of  B -> F, but has not completed F yet. 

When playing with this, if I setup hit filters to detect that someone is B through F, (using 'OR' grouping for the hit filter match conditions and the request path names), then I would have the rule add +1 to a metric.  But the problem is that once the user logs on (i.e. got back page F), then nothing would decrement this metric value.  I only want to count once for the whole transaction and not count each indvidual step.  If a user abandones, then we'd need to decrement that count.

So I am just a little confused on how this is done using hit filters. 

Should I just forget about using a metric value and just have a rule which fires if a user is at any of the steps B -> G, and let the FMS display that rule match count?



  • Mark,

    Your requirements sound like an FxV transactions (which are based on FxV hit filters) would be a good approach.With FxV transactions you will be able to accumulate hit filter custom metrics as well as transaction custom metrics for reporting on sessions that complete a transaction.

    Have you looked into FxV transactions?

    David Mendoza

    Foglight Consultant

  • Hi

    Yes I started with transaction filters but I don't believe that's what I need. I want a real time count system which indicates the number of users who are in the login process but not completed and who have not timed out (I.e.lost interest, etc)

    Once a person logs in, them they are off this portal and are of course not in the login process.

    Thanks much