How to create a report of top resource usage of Host & VM's

I have been charged with the task of creating management reports for senior management for our vCenter 5 environment. The first set of reports should show summary of the Top Resource usage for Host and VM, overall health, top 5 resource users for memory, cpu and storage.

I tried Quest Tech Support but they were not able to help. Could not even give me a place to start. The list of templates in the vFoglight Report section does not give me an idea of what it does as to whether it can give me any part of what I am looking for. Can someone give me a place to start or suggest a report that I maybe able to modify.

We have vFoglight 6.5.1 and vFoglight Storage 1.6

  • Todd,

    Check out these two default reports:

    • ESX Host Capacity and Performance - Summary
    • ESX Host Capacity and Performance - Detail

    The summary report is enough for senior management and the detailed one is more for VMadmins.

    If you would like to see above reports but at the Cluster level or if you want to build your own reports through the drag and drop interface I recommend you install vBundle (a free add-on which add lots of new functionality to simplify custom dashboards and reports.

    I recommend you start thinking about upgrading to vFoglight 6.6 since it has some new capabilities and improvements that you can benefit from.

    Let me know if this helped you and if you need further guidance.


  • Thanks for pointing out those two reports. Since you can only request for one host at a time, I would have to run this 24 times. I can not go to the VP of IT with 24 reports when he only wants to see one report reflecting the whole VMware environment. Also you can not select any VM's for these reports.

    We have the vBundle installed, version 1.8. I do not see where this helps. Is there something better for getting metrics for Hosts and Vm's.

    Can not upgrade to version 6.6 without going through change control. This will require a major change controll as it will effect the whole Vmware environment, many production Vm's.


  • In larger environment it make more sense to look at Cluster level rather than individual ESX hosts.

    vBundle has a report called "vCluster Capacity and Performance". It takes a cluster as input.

    There is also a standard report called "Cluster Capacity Trending" which shows how quickly your cluster is growing and when you will run out of capacity.

    Take a look at those two and let me know if that is what you are looking for.

    If not you need to create a custom report which can be done by using our drag and drop interface. vBundle has many good views that can be used for cusom reports, which helps a lot.


  • Hello Todd,

    Your requirements could maybe lead to "deeper" Reporting. Which means it is maybe necessary to work with the WCF and some groovy.

    It would be a pleasure to help you with that, if you are not that familiar with groovy and WCF.

    Maybe, if the requirements are to big, we need an official PSO engagement.

    Kind regards,


  • Mattias,

    Just the vCluster Capacity & Performance report I was able to use, namely just the first page. The rest is just too much to present to the VP of IT. When you talk about drag and drop interface for custom reports, you have me lost.


    I have no knowledge of Groovy or WCF. What are they? Our management does not what something big. Just a simple 1 page report that reflects the health of the Vmware environment. Not 46 pages of VMs showing they used x of y.


    Todd Lemmiksoo

  • Todd,

    I will contact you offline to setup a quick webex to show you the basics around drag and drop dashboards and reports.

    When you know how that works a lot of the questions you have will probably be solved.


  • Mattias ,

    i am joining to Todd question , could you explain how can i create a  report (1-2 page) that give me top resource VMs?

  • Mor,

    I plan to do a video tutorial on how to do custom dashboards and reports in the upcoming weeks.

    If you need assistance before that I can show you quickly over a webex. Send me an email and I will schedule it.