Foglight for storage management if support Huawei storage ?

Hi All:

   We want to know  Foglight for storage management if support Huawei storage ?

From Foglight for storage managemnt's support storage model, we only see Dell,EMC, HDS and HP.

if not support, what shall we do ?





  • Hi Jiang,

    Huawei storage is not supported by us at this time. however we do have Python SDK available so you can create your own monitoring solution, or talk to our professional service on this

    Here is a quick video show you how you can do it.

    Hope this helps


  • Hi Jiamg,

    Great news, we will soon have support for Huawei Storage using a generic storage monitoring agent. If you want to beta test the agent please let me know.

  • In reply to Chris.Jones:

    Hi Chris,

    we are also interested in adding our HP MSA2040 Storage to our Foglight instance (we currently are having HP EVA and EMC VNX).

    Will the mentioned "generic storage monitoring agent" also valid for HP MSA2040?

    I have also read your blog post "Getting Started with the Storage SDK: Monitor any Storage Array with Foglight Storage Management SDK" but since I am not a developer I would initially avoid going into such low level...