user experience of customers

Users on the network operating habits and interactive expectations, have their own unique mental model, and sometimes in real life is different. For example, in reality, we only need to look at the picture, hanging on the wall or in his hand. The Internet is first a hyperlink to the platform, followed by a display platform. So in addition to the picture above, is also given the link is expected. People expect it to become richer. Therefore, giving the picture more interactive content can directly enhance the user's interest.
Two typical design ideas for interest are that the chart is better than the table, the table is better than the text, and the materialized design, including the copy of the object. It can be said that the more specific the object, the more people feel safe and cordial. And cordial and courteous, in line with the laws of physics, the operation of timely feedback, to meet the emotional needs of the design, can be interested in extra points. vice versa of user experience.