VMware Plugin Fails To connect to vCenter Server

vSphere updates just got recently rolled out at our work and now our NetVault Server (version with latest VMware plugin) can no longer connect to the vCenter Server (version 6.5).
it pops up with this error:

Wondering if anyone had any ideas what it might be or if they have experienced this error

  • Hello,
    The reason you are getting this error is because the plugin is not able to communicate correctly with ESXi 6.5. The plugin does not yet support this version and is not slated to until VMware Plugin version 11.3. We are just about to release VMware Plugin release 11.2, which will be out Monday, but we do not yet have an ETA on 11.3.

    In this case, you may have to roll back the environment to 6.0 until they are compatible. VMware 6.5 was a MAJOR release so there were many "under the hood" changes including VMFS - so it is not your typical "dot" type/minor release.
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    Yeah I opened a support case and they told me they would not support it until ETA May 2017 and I almost fell out of my chair. I hope the 11.2 plugin at least provides some functionality like Veritas has done with NetBackup (which we used to use). Rolling back not a possibility at this point as we just rolled out a new 6.5 cluster.

    Fingers crossed for 11.2 plugin at this point
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    The 11.2 target date is Friday - but please keep in mind that 6.5 is still unsupported. This means that even support for any issues you might have, even things that may work, if there is any issues with VMware backups in general cannot be supported. Most of the major VM-centric backup softwares still do not support 6.5 - such as vRanger, VEEAM, however I would imagine that once one starts to roll out support it will just be a matter of time until all the related backup softwares will as well.
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    Until we support 6.5 you could backup the VM's by installing NVBU client software on each VM as a workaround. If client licensing is not available for all VM's you could add/remove those VM's that need to be backed up as a workaround.


    Scott K.