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Is there an updated guide to creating custom reports in 11.2? Over 100 fields were removed from the Media Job Contents object and I'm trying to recode my reports around the problem.

  • Yes, there has been an updated guide. Here is the link:
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    Not sure if I'm missing it but I'm looking for something that would replace the KB131754+-+How+to+create+custom+reports+on+NVBU+10.pdf supplement. I know most of the information is still valid as far as how to do things but the fields have been moved around.

    Not a big deal, I export the nvreport -help fields lists into a spreadsheet as I work with them so I have a reference.
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    Yeah, I don't believe a KB has yet been published for creating custom reports for 11 because not too much has changed, although, more reports are being added in the next release, and future releases look to re-introduce custom reporting.
    As for the report you are referencing, "Media Job Contents", I don't see this as a canned report, was this a custom report you had running? We have the report "Library Contents" and "Media-General" which contain a number of fields, but not that particular report you are referencing.
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    media job contents is a field set (I don't know what else to call it)

    nvreport -help fields "media job contents"

    It was reduced from 157 fields to 24 and I had a number of custom reports written that referenced it. It looks like I can reference most of the same information but I don't see a way to combine barcode and segmentexpirydate with all the information about the backup jobs anymore. Should I post the definitions I'm having issues with?
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    Sorry for the delay. Yes, please go ahead and post the definitions, but the reporting has been scaled back quite a bit, and custom reporting is not available yet.
    However, I do have a KB where you can create custom reports from the CLI - which is the approach some use until the custom or deeper reporting is implemented.