report speed in 11.x

Is anyone else having issues with the speed of the reporting engine in 11.x? I upgraded my server from 10.x to 11.2 and some of the canned reports that took 2 minutes to run in 10.x now take over 2 hours in 11.2. Support tells me "well they work and that's the way it is". I don't find that acceptable.

Included in this list are:
Server Daily Summary
Weekly Job Summary

This server is physical and has 128GB RAM (4% utilization), 2 CPUs (1% utilization) and over 600GB of free disk so it's not an OS resource issue.

  • Hi,

    This is actually a 'Known Issue' we are tracking currently. They are pushing for an overhaul for the reports by 11.4, with 11.3 to include further fixes, but the issue is outlined that reports with very large records are taking a very long time to run. We hope to have this fixed in the near future.
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    Thanks for the reply Andre,

    Hopefully they can speed this along. It's very frustrating to have an auditor ask for reports and you have to tell them to come back tomorrow, it's going to take me 10 hours to produce them.
  • We are finding this as well. Just upgraded from 11 to 11.2 and find reporting task are taking far too long, the Overnight Jobs report went from 9 seconds to 4 hours!!