migrating LN Text field with carriage return

Hi, I have mutltiple LN Text fields (not rich text) that I need to migrate.  They have carriage returns in LN. 


1) blah blah

2) hello world

3) another text

However, when I migrate them to a multiple line field (rich text) in SharePoint, their content appears in one line:

1) blah blah 2) hello world 3) another text

What settings can I make to migrate the fields properly?  Thanks!

  • The first question is: what is really being stored in your Notes document?  Is it really a multi-valued text item (that happens to display with newline delimiters)?  Ot it is a single valued text item with newline characters?  You can tell by looking at the the underlying data item in Document Properties in the Notes client.

    Either way your best bet might be to use a formula.  But we will be able to tell you better if you give us the above specifics.

  • Hi

    Search for text seen below.
    That help me in migration with similar issue

    <BR/> tags in plaintext multiline fields