Can't see Advanced Properties on the Object tab for a user

I've applied the Users - Modify Personal Data template to a trustee.  I can see the Advanced Properties tab in the console (to edit EmployeeID and other fields.)  However, I do not see it from the web interface.  Do I need to add this manually?




  • EmployeeID by default is shown in AR.MMC and not in AR WI (can be added) in Organization Tab.
    (I guess) Advanced Tab (DN, GUID, SID, objectTimeCreated etc.) is not shown in AR WI (WI is rather for HelpDesk)
  • In reply to Aidar.Karabalaev:

    I figured it out...
    While in the Web Interface (as an admin);
    Customization | Directory Objects | User | General Properties
    Edit Form
    Add Entry | Create...
    Then I selected EmployeeID from the list
    Saved it then Reload to Publish