Multiple Token Responses Generated

Hi all

Wondered if anyone has encountered the following. 

We have recently finished the upgrade to Defender 5.8.2 and have started testing E-Mail Defender Tokens. 

Whilst I can successfully authenticate with the e-mail token by using a 4 digit PIN combined with a 6 digit response, as soon as a user successfully authenticates into our remote solution (they can acces the internal resources), they receve a 2nd e-mail containing a 6 digit response which is not required. 

Is this a known issue?

Many Thanks


  • It may depend on how you have the settings for the E-mail Tokens configured.

    Do you have it set to set send the user a new code(s) as soon as they run out of them, or does the user have to enter a keyword to receive a code?

    An excerpt of the configuration options from the Admin Guide are below:

    Send e-mail to user as required
    Enables Defender to send an e-mail message containing new one-time passwords to the user when the user is about to expend the one-time passwords provided in the previous e-mail message.

    Only send e-mail when user enters keyword
    Causes the Defender Security Server to send an e-mail message containing one-time passwords only when the user enters the specified trigger keyword during authentication.

    Responses per e-mail
    Specify the number of one-time passwords you want to include in each e-mail message. The one-time passwords must be used sequentially. The penultimate or last one-time password triggers the sending of a new e-mail containing one-time passwords.