Attestation of License and Service Plan assignments in Azure AD Connector (7.1.1)


I have an AAD connector where sync and provisioning are working fine, including license and denied service plan assignments. We see that License Subscriptions and Denied Service Plans are represented like System Entitlements, which is nice.  

In Web Portal, when I go to configure an Attestation Policy for a 'System Entitlement Membership' attestation it allows me to select AAD groups and admin roles fine. However the License Subscription Assignment and the Denied Service Plans are not really showing up too good.  Looking at the UNS for AAD, I can see the License Subscription listed as System Entitlement but it is not showing any assignments (when there are in fact some).  Also, the Denied Service Plans are not listed there.

Should we expect those objects to show up OK in the UNS and thence in the Portal for attestation policy configuration...?