Web portal: hide "Export this view" link from Request History


I'm trying to hide the "Export this view" link from the view in the Request History but I can't find the component the draw that link.


Any advice?





  • pre v7   v7.x




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     Thank you.

    But I can't overwrite this property.

    I'd like to show "Export this view" only if a cartain condition is met in the view VI_ITShop_PWO_MasterDetail but I can't extend this property (Image below) I can ony selecete those 3 properties to extend. (7.1)

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    Hi Michele,

    if you can't overwrite, you have to customise it (like with any other change of the portals behaviour which cannot be configured). Either by creating a copy of the component or by adding an extension to it (v7 only). 

    And since the export setting cannot be done conditionally, you probably need two Grid nodes, one for each setting. Put into Containers, their visibility condition can be used to show the required Grid based on your condition.




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    Thanks Oliver. I was just looking for this solution.