Lync synchronization project


I need to sync lync accounts into the Identity Manager. Any clue on how to go about this task?

I have synchronized data from AD, Exchange, and various other target systems. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • IDM Engineer,

    Do you have the answer for this?

    I have a customer who wants to do the same in v7.1.1. Thanks!
  • Hi IDM Engineer

    As you've not posted any details on the version of 1IM you're using or the Version of Lync you need to connect to, i've to keep my answer vague as well: i'd approach this using powershell:

    If you're using 1IM 7.1.x i'd suggest to use the powershell connector by building a Lync specific control file being loaded into the synchronization editor to sync users from Lync.