Web Designer: FormLabel vs Label


What does the FormLabel component in Web Designer do more than a regular Label does?

I can see it needs a Collection to be specified...but as it's just label I don't quite see the point.




  • Hi Rob,

    Quoting from the Web Designer model documentation (D1IM_QER_WebDesignerModel.chm)

    "This node type represents a label (HTML tag label) for an input field."

    Whereas the "Label" node type is rendered as a HTML SPAN tag.


  • In reply to Hanno Bunjes:

    That's a really useful reference Hanno, but what's the fucntional difference? I mean I tried both and they look the same on the screen :-).

    Probably I miss some HTML knowledge here....is there something special we could do with the 'label for an input field' type of element?

  • In reply to Robert.Byrne:

    Yes: If you have input fields (such as textboxes, checkboxes etc.), it is recommended that you add an associated label element so that the user understands what the input field is used for.

    The difference is in the semantics of the HTML structure; that is why there is no visible difference.

    See also www.w3.org/.../forms.html for more information about HTML <label> elements.