Creating Custom defined Approval Procedure and Approval Workflow

While creating an approval procedure , we provide Query like this :please refer (d1im_qer_itshopadminguide.pdf)

select pc.UID_PersonHead as UID_Person, null as UID_PWORulerOrigin from PersonWantsOrg

pwo join Person p on pwo.UID_PersonInserted = p.UID_Person join Department d on p.UID_Department = d.UID_Department

join ProfitCenter pc on d.UID_ProfitCenter = pc.UID_ProfitCenter where

pwo.UID_PersonWantsOrg = @UID_PersonWantsOrg


  1. Can any one tell how does the query fetches @UID_PersonWantsOrg  value while executing a approval workflow
  2. Also , in my approval procedure I want to add a query just like which is being Used in Predefined Approval Procedure 'OR' with some modifications 

           in my procedure I want to add a condition as Say :uid_pwodecisionstep= @uid_pwodecisionstep ,

         I tried doing so but it's not getting the value of uid_pwodecisionstep?

         How can I solve this ? Please  Suggest


        Thanks in advance.

         How this can be solved 


  • Also , if I am hardcoding the uid_pwodecisionstep value ,the workflow is working properly.
  • Please check the configuration parameters QER\ITShop\PersonInsertedNoDecide and QER\ITShop\PersonOrderedNoDecide.

    If your manager of the cost center (pc.UID_PersonHead) would be falling into the area of being the requester or recipient of the request, the system would filter the results of you custom query accordingly.

    Please take a look at the online documentation for more details.

    And no, you cannot refer to a specific decision step. Your rules have to be decision step agnostic.

  • In reply to Markus Weiss-Ehlers:

    Configuration parameters QER\ITShop\PersonInsertedNoDecide and QER\ITShop\PersonOrderedNoDecide are already enabled for me , still then I could see the gap like
    when Requester is a part of approval group , the requests raised by him is again coming back to him for approval or rejection.