Phone number format on Web UI

We have a similar use case what is posted blow where we need format the phone number to (xxx)xxx-xxxx on the web UI before a new user can be added.

We cannot do this at the template level, because our customer has other types of users that are added into the system from DB and CSV and we don't want to format/validate those users. Is there a way to do this on the web UI?

  • You can try this "AppData.Instance.AppType = AppType.Web" as part in a condition. I have build an example for the format script Phone@Person. In this case the first condition only becomes true, when the value will be filled by the web. In all other cases the format script will not work.




  • In reply to Sven Früh-Klima:

    This is great! Thanks Sven. This was also possible using the "match" function on the UI.