Update record from Null Import

I have a requirement for the lack of a record in a data source to flow null to an attribute.

For example, I would be importing from a HR source to create Person objects in 1IM then a second source called TelephoneBook that just updates the Person object with the persons telephone number when it finds a match. The entry for a person in the TelephoneBook could be removed at some stage and this would indicate that the phone number should be removed from the user ie. The record is deleted in TelephoneBook.

Is there a way in 1IM to flow null to the phone number of the person when there is no corresponding entry in the TelephoneBook?

  • Or say I have a .csv file that's being imported to create Locality objects. If a locality no longer appears in the .csv file I want the locality object to be be set to disabled. Is there a way I can do this?
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    That one is easy, i think. You can mark the objects as outstanding when they are not found in the CSV file. That is some kind of disabled. If you need to change the objects after the sync you can create a process on the PostSync event of your BaseObject and do your magic there.
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    Thanks Markus, that is really helpful. Can you elaborate on where I can do the magic? Where is a PostSync event configured?
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    The process that starts your synchronization will fire the PostSync event on the object you have configured as base object in your synchronization project.

    I think in your case the base object would be the Person table as you do not have as specific base object like an AD domain.

    So the event will be fired on the DialogTable for the person table.