Separate report for each approver of AD account


I've tried to create a report for a managers of accounts (ADAccount) which should be certified, but have no luck. If I create a report and use fixed parameters(UID_PersonHead & UID_AttestationPolicy) - all woks well, but unfortunately I can't apply filtering by manager(UID_PersonHead). I need to implement this only for mail templates. I'll be much appreciated for any assistance or advice.

  • Can you explain what you mean when you are saying that you can't apply the filtering? Are you not knowing how to do it in the report queries or in combination with the mail template?
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    Markus, I think that both of them.
    I need to create a parameter which will contain Manager (by UID_Person) and by which this report will be filtered. I mean that each manager will receive a report with subordinates accounts (ADSAccount.Displayname). And don't know how to create dynamic filtering by UID_person in mail templates.
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    Are you using subscribable reports for this?
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    I need this for mail template, I don't need such filtering in case of subscribable reports.
    I use created report in attestation procedure and further use subscribable report for appropriate mail template.
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    So, please correct me if I am wrong, you want to have the report, stored in the attestation case to use a parameter, correct?

    During the creation of the report for each attestation case, the report can use a parameter called ObjectKeyBase which is the XObjectKey of the attested object. Everything else is up to you inside of your report queries.

    You can take a look at the ootb attestation report to see that technique in action. One example would be the report VI_Attestation_Department_Persons_overview.
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    Thanks for clarification.
    I think that you're right.
    Let me explain in details:
    1. We have an attestation policy for service accounts
    2. We have a workflow & e-mail notification for approvers (managers of such accounts)
    3. We need to implement an attached report for approvers which includes all accounts to be certified.

    From my point of view this will be looks as:
    Account1,Account2,Account3 subordinates to Manager1
    Account4,Account5,Account6 subordinates to Manager2

    And when managers receives a notification about pending attestations, mail template should also contain attached reports with following data:
    For Manager1
    Accounts to certify: Account1,Account2,Account3
    For Manager2
    Accounts to certify: Account4,Account5,Account6

    So all I need is to generate reports for each manager.
    BTW, why reports format still PDF when I changed its type in Attestation Policy and allow all report formats in Designer.
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    So, what is your base object type for the Attestation Policy? Is it UNSAccount or what is it?

    In regards to the report format question, what version are you using? That information helps everybody here in the forum do give you a proper answer.

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    The base object is ADSAccount, I'm using 6.1.2. I've tried to implement your approach, but still can't transfer UID_person (manager) to the report parameter @Owner. I mean I can generate report sucessfully, but only when I supply @Owner parameter (UID_Person) manually in Manager - Reports.

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    In 6.1.2 the report is limited to PDF as far as I know in the AttestationCase. And is I have written earlier, the reports stored in the attestation case are getting one parameter @ObjectKeyBase no other one.

    And as you attest the ADSAccount objects, each account will have his own entry in Attestation Case but as far as I understood your use case, you want to have one Report for your Managers that contain every account they need to approve.

    So how or better at which point in time do you generate the email that should contain your report? At that point in time, you need to specify the parameter for your report in your process step that generates the mail.
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    At the moment, I use standard mail generation process for notify approver, when approver is defined by sql expression in appropriate step in workflow. Is that you asking about? Do I need a customize mail/report process to achieve my goal?
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    Still can't generate reports dynamically, does anybody do something like this?
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    I haven't checked the ootb process but you may have to. What about contacting support and helping you out?
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    Hi Markus,

    Just resolved my case. The question was that I've used SQL query instead of an Object in report. That's why I can't pass parameter UID_Person of AD account manager to the appropriate report. Now all works fine.

    Thanks for your help!