Change label info

Hi all,


Very often I create a change label to trasport some script or other stuff in test environment.

But all test environment there always something to correct.

So I cask myself if I can reopen the change label I trasnported in the test environment and add the change to the same script in the same  change labelan re transport the file.

I think I get an error of duplicate uid in table dialogScript, but if I check ignore duplicate error flag the changes I made to the script are added in test or not?

In general what are the best practises?


Thanks Mik

  • I know that the most of you start with Identity Manager 7.x and higher, but there are a lot of users which are still work with Identity Manager 6.1.4 or lower and a few of us work on both plattforms, because of a migration.

    So, when there is a question it is strongly recommended to make some spec about the Identity Manager plattform your are working on. The differences from version 6 to 7 are to big, so that sometimes it is not easy to give one answer, because there are two possible ways (the solution for 6.x and older and the solution for 7.x and higher).

    The Transporter is one sample for it.

    Thanks a lot!