OOTB Escalation Notification with Email CC

Using v7.1.1. I want to use the out of the box escalation notification for the policy workflow. I may or may not change the template used but my query is about the parameters that this functionality uses to send the email. I want to add someone as a "CC" to all emails. There's nothing in the congituration parameters next to QER\ITShop\DefaultSenderAddress to add a CC to the email. It seems like if I want to add a CC, I have to create a custom process on the escalate event of the PWO table so that when a PWO is escalated I generate a mail and send through all my parameters including the value for CC. Can I somehow get a CC into the OOTB escalate email or will I need to go down the custom route?

  • Hi Dan,

    by default, the person recipient of the request will be in CC for the escalation mail, if the recipient is different to the requestor. 

    If you want to customize this, you do not need to copy the whole process. Starting with 7.1, you are able to partially modify the ootb processes including the customization of process step parameter.