Evaluate Value Calculation on Job Server

Using V7.1. Is it possible to evaluate Templates and Formatting Scripts on a job server? I'm reading from a csv in the formatting script to determine some values that are disallowed for the field. This causes a problem where the file path is taken in context of the executing application so I'd have to place the csv in every possible location and keep it the same across the board.

I could load the csv into a custom table but I want to know if I can avoid that.

  • You can either load the data into a table or use limited values if the amount of rows in the CSV is not large.
  • You could also upload your CSV via software loader so it gets distributed automatically to the installation folders. You might have to adjust the path in your template (use relative path).

    Although it probably defeats the purpose of the CSV file, if you have to upload/transport it. It sounds a lot like you want to use a custom table instead, or even standard schema features, like Markus described.