User is not visible in Web portal but available in white page.

 Hi Team,

I am having an issue with permissions when trying to manager users through 'People' in Web Portal in v7.1.2.

User is an active user in AD but not visible in QOIM People directory but he is visible in White Page. how we can enable the blocked/restricted users in portal.



Ciril Chacko

  • Hi Ciril,

    Employees listed in People are those that the logged in user is manager for. Are you the manager of the missing Employee?

  • Further to this. People appears when you are logged in as a manager for other employees. The ability to search for other employees via the white pages is not the same thing. And while you may find another employee this way, you may not edit the properties for that employee. You can only see an overview.

    I hope this helps.