Target system synchronization

We have some queries about OneIM that we are facing.

  • We are setting up an LDAP connector (with OpenDJ) and are able to “Simulate” which gives proper results (200 users to insert into 1IM). However, nothing happens when we “execute” the synchronization. It doesn’t create users as shown in simulate action. Could you please point out why?
  • Similarly, while setting up a native database connector, we can “browse” the database and see user objects from 1IM. We are able to edit and store back the users as well showing connector is working. But we are not able to “simulate” and “execute” synchronization in this case as well.

Probably we are missing a small step or setting, hope you can point out

  • For the LDAP connector. Can You enable debug option and examine the error logs?. If Simulation shows that users should be inserted You probably have an error .
  • In reply to mekindad:

    How to enable the debug option.I enabled the Synchronization logs but didn't find anything there.
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    In synchronization editor by clicking in your sync project go to one identity manager connection and then click setup. If you have logs activated (be careful with the triangle logs activation) you could see what happened after launching in the option logs.