Is it possible to insert data in custom table when error message comes up in JobQueue table

How can we insert data in custom table when Error message comes up in JobQueue table. I am trying to add trigger on JobQueue table and tried Insert, Update and Delete events but its not working on any of these events. Please help in implementing this.

  • You would need :

    1.) a new process on table JobQueue  that would trigger on event update

    2.) generation condition on this process which would check if ErrorMessages attribute has changed.


    gen condition would be :


    Value =  $ErrorMessages[o]$ <> $ErrorMessages$


    after that You can add any desired function to this process


  • In reply to mekindad:

    I would recommend against setting up update event handling on the JobQueue table for performance and stability reasons.

    Instead, I would go for a scheduled job that regularly checks for those things and performs the relevant actions. There are already processes that do similar things, e.g. VID_Jobqueue_Notify_Frozen (the respective event is fired internally).
  • In reply to mekindad:

    I added the gen condition but it is giving error "Identitfier expected"
  • In reply to Christian Ageu:

    In this case my custom process will be triggered only if Frozen is detected but there are many processes which throws error but do not get frozen instead next step of the process is called
  • In reply to mekindad:

    I added round braces in the value for gen condition and it got compiled but it is still not inserting the job queue data in custom table