Global Font size for ITShop

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Customer wanted to increase the overall font size for ITShop, increase it by 1-2 pt.  Is there a global settings for font size?


D1IM version 6.1.2

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    I have a similar case. Our customer needs to change a font type in ITShop. The problem is, next to Q1IM upgrade from 6.1.1 to 6.1.4, ITShop font have changed, we need to get it back.

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    Hi Anton,

    The hint below may help.  The VI_Styles_RendererSettings_Default is one place to set the font etc.  Also, the baseFontFamily in the VI_Standard_Web object may be used by some look to both. Of course, you have to make a copy of those objects before changing them.

    There may be some slight difference in 6.1.4 (below is from 6.1.2)...but the same approach should work.



  • There is a config key, named basefontfamily and basefontsize. Just adjust those two.
    If you adjust basefontsize, all font sizes will then be adjusted automatically.
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    Thanks Geraldine, the screenshot below clarifies your suggestion.  If for some reason the text is not then formatted as required, you would proceed to the more detailed steps mentioned above.



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    Hi Rob,
    since Version 7 there should be no object copys of VI_Styles_RendererSettings_Default!
    If changing the config parms does not help, I would open a Support Case.
    But for none supported versions I would use the search functionality and change per extension - if possible - or object copy all occurrences of font-family or font-size where necessary.