Unsubscribe using vid_InsertForHandleObject_freeze


Is it possible to call the Unsubscribe method using vid_InsertForHandleObject_freeze? I know you can use Abort but I have a Cancellation workflow that needs to fire, so I need to use Unsubscribe.

I know I can do this manually but I have 300 users I need to run this on with different resources so I was going to build a SQL loop to handle this for me.

I had tried this below, but I get the error "Method Unsubscribe with 1 parameters was not found."

vid_InsertForHandleObject_freeze 'CallMethod', 'PersonWantsOrg', 'uid_personwantsorg = ''0bfed517-fed5-4c9e-b1a2-db5bc3d0c0cf''','Unsub', 'Unsubscribe', 'Testing unsub method', @ProcID=newid

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

  • Never mind, figured it out it takes 2 parameters to do this:

    EXEC vid_InsertForHandleObject_freeze 'CallMethod', 'PersonWantsOrg', 'uid_personwantsorg = ''0bfed517-fed5-4c9e-b1a2-db5bc3d0c0cf''','save', 'Unsubscribe', '15e225e0-0623-420f-884d-0cc44e96b7a2', 'Testing unsub method', @ProcID=newid

    Need to put the UID of the person requesting the unsubscribed.

    With this said, does anyone know if their is documentation on all the methods available?

  • Hi,

    you can go to the objectbrowser, right-click on an object and check the methods per object.


    as this is customizercode there there is an "generated"-documentation in the source directory




  • Thanks Martin, appreciate your responses.

  • In reply to jordonez:

    How can we do this in V7 ?
    The SP is gone and I can't find one with a similar name.
  • In reply to Christian Ageu:

    The equivalent procedure in v7 is QBM_PJobCreate_HOInsert.

  • In reply to Tomi Kääriäinen:

    Thanks a lot for pointing it out! I have now found the procedures for creating JobQueue tasks.
    However, for the sake of this topic, the relevant procedure would be QBM_PJobCreate_HOCallMethod I suppose.