Password Manager site crashed


dont know for what reason, my Password Manager sites (PMAdmin, PMUser, PMHelpdesk) cannot be accessible with error 503. The error message that retrieved from event log stated:

Commonservicefault.Gettroubleshooting mode: oadding is invalid & cannot be removed.


The communication object, system.servicemodel.channels.servicechannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the faulted state.


Anyone can urgently assist, greatly appreciated. thks

  • I hope you got PWM deployed with HA scenario:

    INTRANET users: INTRANET\PWM01,02 + DNS URL (or Load Balancer)

    INTERNET users: DMZ\PWM_WI03,04 + Load Balancer in front of DMZ

    Can you utilize failover via HA to avoid urgency for front-end enterprise level application PWM?

    Aidar Karabalaev

  • In reply to Aidar.Karabalaev:

    Currently i doing some evaluation, so no HA, can assist to solve my current issue? thks