AppAssure / Windows Azure

Didn't want to steal OP's from here: post...

But got me to thinking is there a way to do this with Azure, or are there plans to do this in the future? 

  • I have the same question and requirement as AntonK ...Almost pointless being able to replicate up to Azure if I cannot spin up VM's from the repository by export of VHD or some other mechanism...seriously, almost pointless...

  • How can we perform a BMR on Azure? Where do I insert the BootCD?

  • This is not a solution if you are running your Appassure in Azure and need to export Hyper-V files. Any updates on getting this resolved?

  • I'm also looking for a way to restore to Azure from the AppAssure Replication Target for Azure. I don't see a way to do a bare metal restore to Azure, which is what Appassure support is telling me to do.