AppAssure 5.4 Tape Backup

I know that AppAssure is not a "tape product", but Dell has been promising that AppAssure would include tape backup functionality in the next release.  I have not installed 5.4 yet, but I didn't see it mentioned anywhere in the release notes.

When does Dell plan to include tape functionality in AppAssure?

  • He Paul,

    AppAssure and NetVault on the same server is not supported by Dell. As you can imagine both AppAssure and NetVault are part of 2 seperate teams........ We have been chasing this for a long time for Archiving to tape and we ended up building a application (and OEM applicance) to enable AppAssure to use NetVault as the Archiving engine to tape.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I apologize using the wrong name in my reply to your question!