adding a new disk to storage array to expand repository size

I have a 6TB repository on a NAS storage array that is getting full. I've added an additional 2TB drive to the array but haven't yet done anything with allocating it, creating partition, etc. The partition that I have created for the repository is "G", but for some reason, it's shown in the drive management screen in 2 parts. The new 2TB is shown unallocated to the right of the G's.



1. Can a repository simply be expanded/enlarged or do I have to add a storage location to the repository?

2. depending on the answer to #1

   - if I can expand the repository, can I simply select the Repository G partition immediately to the left of the unallocated space and expand it into the new space without screwing up the repository that currently resides there?

   - if I have to "Add storage location" to increase the size of the repository, should I create a new partition in the unallocated space instead of expanding the existing G partition?

  • You can not (easily) expand/ enlarge an existing repository. You have to add a new storage location. It wont matter to the core if the new location is on G: (but under a new folder) or on a new drive/ folder.

    You can expand a repo but you have to archive everything out, delete repo, re-create repo, import everything in. There is a TN on the KB about the process, if you are interested
  • That is assuming you are not running a dell appliance with a dvm repo. I think that can be expanded on the fly. Would love to know if dvm repos are coming back to the normal version
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    sorry, don't know what a DVM repo is
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    You probably don't have them then.
  • You have to 'add storage location' through the core UI:

    Unless it is a DL appliance, which it doesn't appear so, and then it is done through the Appliance tab on the core UI.

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    thanks. I see it in the core UI. My issue now is that I can't expand the partition into the unallocated space (or create a new simple volume). I get an error that there is not enough disk space to perform this action. Not a Quest software issue I know.