In relation to the popular trending topic of “CLOUD COMPUTING”, I watched an interesting webinar by Jeff Bar of Amazon, set out to explain further the concept of cloud computing its benefits and how it's been used in businesses successfully from amazon point of view. The video lasts for almost an hour and provides a reasonable insight into the on-demand nature of cloud computing and how it's been used. Amazon Web Service (AWS) is an accumulation of remote processing administrations, likewise called web benefits that make up a cloud computing stage by The most focal and extraordinary of these services are “Amazon EC2” and “Amazon s3” you can check them out at your convenience. BENEFITS

  • Pay as you go service; no upfront cost/ investment
  • Lowers total cost of IT
  • Increase in innovation; faster experience with low cost and low risk
  • Globally accessed at any time

AWS have customers globally, from large grown businesses  for example;

Amazon webinar service to deploy and create software quicker and cheaper, while companies like NEWSWEEK uses the AWS to host their dynamic web apps resulting in a 50% decrease in their operating expenses and 93% decrease in cost. As for SAMSUNG a well-established technology company, the  principal engineer Chun Yang stated ” with AWS cloud we met our reliability and performance objectives at a fraction of the cost, we would’ve spent $34m in hardware maintenance bring in the first two years” PRODUCT AND SERVICES OFFERED BY AWS INCLUDE;

  • Deployment and Administration Service
  • Application Service
  • Computer-Storage-Data Base
  • Flexible Purchase Model

Conclusion In Summary, for all parties interested in the concept of cloud computing, this webinar is very informative and quite useful for various types of businesses around looking to utilize cloud computing,  quoting from (Dr Robert, 2012) “Growing business companies are spending focus on creating a system which presents a better overall value for a cooperation majored desired characteristics include creating a system that is more flexible, agile, creates a better and more efficient business processes improvement, which ultimately reduces the necessity of large, physical technological footprint. To conclude, the AWS appears to be a very innovative cloud computing product, that’s cost-effective and able to provide all current cloud computing services desired by concerned users and are having international customers globally as a result.