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    • 16 May 2018

    Need to Use a Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner in a Remote Desktop Environment?

    Combine ease and functionality with the latest version of RemoteScan now supporting Fujitsu ScanSnap and enabling the scanners to work with any TWAIN- or ISIS-compliant calling application.
    • 22 Jul 2016

    Never the TWAIN Shall Meet? RemoteScan Fills the Gap for Citrix’s TWAIN 2 Problem, and Then Some

    TWAIN, the standard protocol for communication between document scanning software, document scanners and other image capture devices has undergone steady change since the TWAIN initiative first launched in 1992. Not an acronym, the word TWAIN is said to have been chosen with a nod to the line from the epic poem “The Ballad of East and West” by Rudyard Kipling: “… and never the twain shall meet...
    • 21 Jun 2016

    Learn How to Stop Spinning Your Wheels. Attend Our Virtual Trade Show.

    It’s hard enough taking a few days off work for a vacation, let alone to attend a trade show or some other industry event when you know you are only going to return and find a week’s worth of work waiting for you. The fact is, we’re
    • 1 Mar 2016

    Scan to the Cloud with Privacy, not Proxies.

    Keep your scanned images within your cloud-hosted network security perimeter, eliminating the hassle of retrieving documents from proxy storage. Death by a thousand paper cuts Physical paper documents still serve an integral role in almost every office today. Transforming these important hard-copy documents into electronic media, and transferring them into your long-term storage system, requires a direct approach. With...
    • 17 Jul 2015

    RemoteScan has a new home

    We have been hard at work with building an expanded, improved web presence for RemoteScan on the software.dell.com website. We are happy to say that our project is now complete. Remote-scan.com has now been fully migrated over to software.dell.com/remotescan
    • 24 Apr 2015

    Twain Error - Scanner not found?

    When an organization moves to a virtual environment, users often experience disruptions to their document scanning workflow and may be presented with this vexing error message, which indicates that the scanner is not found : Why is my scanner not
    • 7 Jan 2015

    Is your EHR scanning software HIPAA compliant for 2015?

    Hitting the benchmarks for Meaningful Use can be challenging. When your electronic health records (EHR) are hosted in a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or Remote Desktop environment accessing patient records is seamless. But the records need to be
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