Stat 5.8.0

I've seen mention, in the KB, of version 5.8.0.  Is there a release date for this or any documentation?  KB articles related to bundled JBoss version and upgrade path.


  • Hey Nic,

    It's Fern.  5.8.0 will be generally available on 3/9/2016.  Here's some highlights you can look forward to with this release:

    • Upgraded Stat Central agent (faster, less memory intensive, with port reduction) to benefit cloud
    • Oracle® PeopleSoft® 8.55 support.
    • Stat Central Agent on Oracle WebLogic Server 12c support
    • New enhanced reporting.
    • Various enhancements for Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 support. See list of enhancements.

    The thing to keep in mind about this release are all the infrastructure upgrades that we've done in preparation for the next generation of Stat which will be a fully web-enabled app!  So, while there are some new features in this release, there are significant back end upgrades and a ton of fixes that have been a long time coming!

    Hope you're well!


  • Stat 5.8.0 is available for download, including Patch Application Instructions and Release Notes.

  • Hi Fern,

    We've been given, finally [:)], the go ahead to upgrade Stat.  I had misread your message and thought that you were talking about a September release [:$]

    We will definitely be going for 5.8.0.


  • No worries Nic!  Please keep me updated as to your progress!



  • In reply to Fernando Volonte:

    Hi Fern,

    Can you share the timelines of the STAT release which will be fully web-enabled?

    Thank you