proper exchange 2010 backup

Hello all, i've been reading mixed statements regarding a non file level restore (not using Quests RME) for exchange 2010. I heard there was a batch file to put in the vmware tools directly to flush the transaction logs but I can't find it anywhere.

I was wondering what was the right way to backup an exchange 2010 VM. I'm using backup exec to do file level restores so I just want to snapshot the machine the best way. Should the machine be quiesced? Should i use this batch file to flush the logs, or the exchange 2010 backup software, or rely on backup exec? i'd prefer a way to have vranger flush the logs for now.

Thanks much!
  • Even if you are not a user of RME, the process for using the batch file for truncating logs (vzshadow) can be found in the RME User Guide on our portal (, beginning on page 8 under Installation. RME is not required for this.
  • in regards to quiescing the VM, it looks like there are 3 options
    1. just backup the VM as is without quiescing - crash consistent
    2. enable the VSS driver in vmware tools and enable quiescing - application consistent w/ out log truncation?
    3. enable VSS driver in vmware tools, enable quiescing, and use vzshadow - application consistent w/ truncation? correct?
    I'm going to start with option 2 because i truncate the logs outside of vranger. are there any draw backs to the process i outlined for option 2? VSS driver enable, quiescing enable, and not using vzshadow?
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    Vranger 5.5


    Were also want to make an consistent Backup from our exchange due tu maintance the Database ...

    So it the second one the best bet ?
    Is it better to shutdown the Exchange VM before?

    best regards john

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    Application consistency can be obtained when you install the vzshadow script (You need to configure it within the vRanger inventory by right clicking the VM and Configure VSS Tools, follow the instructions from there) and enable the quiesce option in the backup job.

    Without the vRanger VSS tools, it is going to be file system consistent, please check the details here:

    Turning the VM off while you perform the backup will work, but you shouldn't turn off that machine everytime you're going to perform a backup.

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    Hello Alexis

    So if I understand this in the right way... when i have the possibility to shutdown the Server for maintance i dont need any of these Quiescing Options ?

    is that correct ?

    best regards john
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    Yes, if you shutdown the machine the backup will be consistent. After all, there is no OS/application running to prepare for a backup operation.