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Data loader error - MAPI error 80040111


I am in the process of migrating users from Exchange 2007, to Exchange 2013.

Archive Manager is version 4.8 running on Server 2012 R1.  The Data Loader service account is mailbox enabled, and this mailbox is being used as the journal mailbox.

I had to add a hosts file entry for autodiscover so that the data loader would work properly, as per

When moving the journal mailbox to Exchange 2013, I see the following errors in my data loader logs:

MAPI error 80040111
Error: The information store could not be opened.
Component: MAPI 1.0
Context: 00000286
Statistics for this run
Folders processed : 0
Messages processed : 0 (0 linked)
Attachments processed : 0
Errors : 1
Warnings : 0
Mailbox export complete.

The data loader works fine when the journal mailbox is back on Exchange 2007.

I believe the data loader & ESM service accounts have the correct access to Exchange (view-only organisation management, receive-as extended rights to the ex 2013 databases), I have removed & re-installed the MAPI CDO and we are running version 6.5.8320.0.  I also tried MAPI CDO version 6.5.8353.0.

I can log on to a client machine and access the journal mailbox from the service account (using Outlook) without any issues.  I have also logged onto the archive manager server as the service account and can access the Exchange admin console & OWA websites without any certificate problems.

I have installed Exchange 2013 CU3 in an attempt to resolve a problem with the MSExchangeRPCProxyAppPool crashing.  I know CU2 is supported - are there known issues with CU3?

I have set up a second data loader accessing a mailbox on Exchange 2013 and get the same error as above - so I have this same error whether the data loader service account's mailbox is on Exchange 2013 or on Exchange 2007.

Any suggestions are welcome.  


  • Hello Bradley,

    It sounds like you have done all the right troubleshooting. The MAPI CDO version we have certified 4.8 with is 6.5.8320.0. MAPI errors can be difficult to troubleshoot as they do not provide very detailed information on what the problem is.

    With regards to the MAPI Dataloader for Journal mailboxes, some of the connection information is provided by the Archive Manager database and some is provided by Autodiscover. Would you please try restarting the Active Directory Connector Service and allowing it to perform a full pass. This will ensure any changes and linkages to the Journal mailbox are updated.

    The next step would be to ensure the permissions are applied, I see you have mentioned that they are, so running the following command should present you with text confirming no changes were made and that the permissions already exist on the objects.

    get-mailboxdatabase | add-adpermission -extendedright receive-as -user <your Archive Manager user or group>

    I typically run this as:

    get-mailboxdatabase | add-adpermission -extendedright receive-as -user "ArchiveManagerServiceUsers"

    Try restarting the Dataloader process and reviewing the bottom of the logs in the DL folder.

    If this still doesn't resolve the problem, please contact the support office for further troubleshooting. Please include a link to this post in your support ticket.


  • Hi there. 

    Did this ever get fixed? We are currently trying to complete a migration from Exchange 2010 to 2013. Archive Manager was upgraded about 3 months ago and everything was working fine. Exchange 2013 introduced to the environment and after migrating a few test mailboxes across, Archive manager is unable to access the mailboxes that are located on the 2013 databases.

    * Archive Manager 5.0.1 installed on Server 2012 R2
    * Database was migrated from SQL 2005 to 2012 without issues at the same time
    * Exchange 2010 on Server 2008 R2 all working fine and still is working fine.
    * Exchange 2013 introduced and mailbox migrated across successfully.
    * Exchange 2010 & 2013 are in a co-existance model. Mailflow/Autodiscover works perfectly
    * All Databases have journaling enabled to the journal mailbox still on 2010
    * Mailboxes on 2013 still have their mail archived (via the 2010 Journal mailbox) but is unable to have it sorted due to the 80040111 error

    The hotfix has been applied  and still does not resolve my issue (

  • Hi,

    Yes, it was resolved - there was a mismatch between the NTLM setting configured in the default domain policy and the NTLM setting configured in the default domain controllers policy.

    The setting is:

    Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies/Security Options > Network Security > "Network security: LAN Manager authentication level"

    Our default domain policy was set to "“Send LM & NTLM – use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated”.

    The domain controllers policy was set to "Send NTLM response only”

    This setting needs to be consistent between the DCs, exchange servers and archive manager server.  I configured a policy to apply the "Send NTLM response only” setting to our archive manager server and it fixed the problem for us.

    I hope this helps!  Good luck with it.

    - Bradley.

  • Ah this didnt work for me unfortunately. Our Default Domain and Domain controller policies were both set to blank which means that it would use NTLMv2 only (we are running both AM on 2012 R2 and Exchange 2013 on Server 2012 R2 with Server 2012 R2 domain Controllers).

    I set the policies for NTLM (same setting as your environment) and applied the GPUpdates with a reboot over night but our problem still exists :-(

    Ive opened up my own thread now though so I dont hijack this one. Thanks