Archive Manager

Moving an Archive to a new domain


  I need some advice on moving the Archive manager from one domain to another.  I have seen this post a few times floating around on this form, but my situation appears to be slightly different because I want to cease the use of actively importing/archiving mail to the Archive Manager.

We are in the process of deprecating a mail domain/exchange server and moving to O365.  In this process we want to "island" the Archive Manager to allow users to only "view" their archived email from the legacy mail domain with new domain credentials and not allow them to important/move new mail from the new domain. The Archive Manager will have no association to new O365 mailboxes.

To note, I am currently allowing the new domain users to utilize the archive manager by means of "Windows Cached Credentials" from the legacy domain where the mailbox resides.

Question - To eliminate the "Windows Cached Credentials" noted above, How do I associate the new domain user to the legacy domain mailbox in Archive Manager?